The Casual is THE essential YouTube channel on Japanese street fashion, with weekly videos on culture, shopping guides and the latest information on street fashion brands. By taking a look at Reggie's chain, you'll probably want to dive deeper into the world of street fashion. Here are some influencers and Youtubers who will help you get started with this culture.



Christian Villanueva (or Christian Vui) creates content that examines the basics of streetwear styles. In his short, punchy and easy-to-understand videos, he breaks down looks into three elements: brands, accessories and state of mind. Visit his channel for an introduction to techwear, a guide to Japanese street style , but also how to reproduce the style of your favorite celebrities like G-Dragon! He also makes detailed videos on the importance of accessories, why invest in certain pieces or brands, such as an oversized garment or the Nike brand, and discusses how to get a high-end look without spending a fortune. This variety of brands, styles and advice makes the chain the perfect place for anyone looking to get into streetwear or improve their current style. His Instagram is full of streetwear inspiration and popular aesthetics are sure to give you ideas.




This London, UK-based quartet produces high quality YouTube videos exclusively on streetwear. Even if they do not focus specifically on Japanese streetwear, the diversity of the presented looks will inevitably inspire you and can easily be integrated into your own wardrobe. Each member has their own style of streetwear, something to please everyone. This team has both a changing but consistent style. Different guests will also give their tips and inspirations. Fashion challenges are launched, as on the video “ styling a girl in street fashion ” (or “street fashion female makeover”) or also the creation of an entirely pink look. These videos are very funny to watch due to their fun and positive attitude towards streetwear.

@ paq.official


Shoushi completely upset social networks with his neo street style. His secret? Combine the shape and accessories of 90s fashion (bob, oversized sweater and baggy shorts) by incorporating the Harajuku touch. The success of brands like WIA and the growing popularity of the haute couture mix (Moschino, Chanel, etc.) and streetwear have allowed the development of this trend. His style evolves continuously and even if he does not limit himself to a single aesthetic, his looks represent the essence of neo street. You won't find her looks anywhere other than Tokyo. The wide range of accessories, color combinations, hairstyles and makeup are sure to inspire you.



Ami and Aya are identical twins who have tumbled into the fashion world with looks as daring as their flashy pink hair. Their Insta accounts redouble their ideas for a streetwear that mixes patterns and colors and creates innovative but classy looks. They demonstrate, by wearing Nike sneakers and Gucci handbags in Paris, Rome and Tokyo, that streetwear is not just a trend in haute couture but also its future. In addition, they have been noticed and validated by great streetwear figures such as the designer for Moschino Jeremy Scott or the rapper A $ AP Rocky.

@amixxamiaya / @ayaxxamiaya


Katie Orlowski from Steal the Spotlightis one of my favorite youtubers, partly thanks to her crazy street style but also thanks to her fascinating productions and her sparkling personality. Each of his videos has a meticulous realization that captivates his audience. She is best known for her lookbooks, which draw their inspiration from pop culture references like the Spice Girls, Clueless and also Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next clip. They also contain a lot of advice and tips on colors, current trends and more. Katie also recommends instagrammers and brands to follow during a lack of inspiration. His Insta is an extension of his Youtube account and illustrates a wide variety of different streetwear styles. His montages and his eye for backgrounds in the background are well thought out with fun and creative staging.

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