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Streetwear, back to the FUTURE: 90’s 2.O Italy is the birthplace of sportswear. Indeed, Fila, Tacchini, Kappa, … All are born of a common passion for sport. We recently saw these retro brands at Gosha Rubichns … who? Rubchinsky, declined in the form of sweatshirt, jacket, sneakers and tutti quanti.

A streetwear retro vibe inspired by both the post-Soviet and modern era. FILA The Fila total look, TACCHINI Sergio Tacchini polo, KAPPA The total look Kappa, you will find your happiness. ELLESSE For a total look. Footy, rugby or cyclist and even those who fled high school sports lessons!



We remember it inevitably. Born in the U.S.A, Nike, Adidas, and lately Supreme the archetype of the brand of the skateboarder or even Champion more known in the world of basketball (NBA Hypebeast irl), were able to make this turn retro. But not only, luxury brands or from a different universe, have also been able to take advantage of this new trend. 

In the image of Lacoste, Louis Vuitton but also the no less famous brand Garment, who collaborated with these labels connoted street today chic! SUPREME The LV x Supreme Collab (source: Louis Vuitton instagram). Champion Blue-White-Red Tee-shirt Made in France, the iconic tennis: version 2.0 Spring Court (750 represent TMTC!) Origin France protected, has shown on the tennis courts. The brand revisits today more urban codes, while remaining faithful to the original model.

An alternative to Converses / Stan Smith that we see all-over the place! Another alternative is Axel Arigato for a more minimalist style. The Springcourt vintage sneakers, So, what’s better as an excuse to hang out in jogging all weekend is not it ?! Reebok, Umbro, The cock sportsman, … We could not quote them all so now, to you to reveal your preferences in comment, why not some well-chosen looks? Do not hesitate ! Go ahead and put on your Buffalo!

Reebok track jacket