First, before you go to a sports store or buy online (and have to mingle with irritable teens and deal with irritating music), spend some time in your closet quiet, to see which Sneakers best suit your needs and style. If you have favorites that seem a little tired, why not invest in a new pair of the same style but in a different color or finish? Or if you are still looking for a particular shade, try it in a new style from another brand?

Important thing: Especially choose your sneakers according to your tastes! We know how important it is. But you absolutely must choose the pair that really suits you!

If you have problematic feet, choose a pair of sneakers that suits them. New Balance tends to be perfect for narrower feet and few sneakers are as wide as a pair of Nike Air Max! Try different styles and make sure they are comfortable. No one likes fashion victims.

Finally, have fun! Sneakers are coming in and out of fashion and it is a very easy way to express yourself and to kiss your inner child. Even if you're never going to wear a sunny yellow blazer or purple suit, you can really go to town with it. Even the most "extravagant" sneakers are completely portable.

So, now that you are armed to the teeth with advice, you can find the best sneakers listed below:


You can't go wrong with the Achilles. The minimal white leather upper is combined with golden serial numbers on the heels, leather linings and rubber soles.

It may be the perfect sneaker for spring and summer. Common Projects has a reputation for quality and Achilles is no exception.

Whether you're wearing the look of pinroll pants, dad pants or denim shorts, this silhouette is simple enough to match just about any outfit. Understanding is the key here and if that's how you ride, it should be your next purchase!


There are a handful of sneakers that you could call iconic, but there are few that are as popular as the Vans Old Skool. Whether they remind you of the past or you are considering a new pair simply for a new outfit, this pair is a reliable option for the spring / summer to come.

It's not just ordinary laces, it's finished in soft, off-white suede that will go perfectly with any casual outfit, especially if you add a white t-shirt to your jeans or hip-hop pants . And you don't have to be a skateboarder to appreciate it, but the brand's embossed outsoles provide excellent grip for times when it gets slippery.


If you've traded your 4x4 for a Prius and an abandoned dairy, you may also want to think of trainers that do good for your feet. Veja's ecological sneakers are made from raw materials from organic farming and ecological farming, without chemicals and pollution, which makes them good for the planet and your wardrobe, because this brand is really fashionable.

This sturdy 'V-10' pair has rubber trims and soles from Amazon rainforest trees and the price is also reasonable. The all-white palette and thick profile, but not too thick, means they go with just about anything.


New Balance ticks almost every box that comes to mind when it comes to combining affordability, detail and style. The 997 is a popular silhouette of the brand and, if you don't already have a pair, it's a refreshing change from the technological offerings from Nike and Adidas which can sometimes get a little too elaborate.

This pair is available in gray and is adorned with soft mesh, suede and nubuck for a comfortable finish. While you can see design similarities to a 1998 Le Mans prototype when you look at them, every line and every layer has a purpose. As such, wearing these 997s will add a new kick to your sneaker rotation.


The Nike Air Max 1 is a reliable go-to for fans of the brand and heads of sports sneakers. If you like the 90s style in particular (say, baggy blue jeans), you can't hurt with a pair like this. Some people tend to lean towards the Air Max Zero camp for its taught lines, but you will simply know what you prefer when you see them.

This pair of Air Max 1 in olive green suede is ideal for a pair of jeans. The texture harmonizes with almost all types of denim and the color is elegant while being cool and comfortable. They won't break the bank either, but you may not be able to do it so easily at the height of summer.


While there are a lot of good sneakers on this list, this pair of Adidas Ultra Boost shoes conveys a sense of cool style. The silhouette itself is beautiful, comfortable and of a proven style thanks to its design pedigree. While the streetwear craze may not be your thing, these sneakers could be anyway.

The boost sole will certainly add more spring to your approach, but keep in mind that you could get a pair of gray sneakers for less. While they are by no means expensive, purchasing these superb sneakers should allow you to add a new pair to your options and refresh your sneaker rotation more than anything else. The knitted upper is comfortable, while the painted midsole should wear a lot before it even starts to age.


Every Instagram influencer worthy of the name has a pair of these trainers. But Gucci's latest update from its Ace coaches is still drooling. The brand's Ace sneakers are now available in red and navy blue - a very easy-to-wear color combination. In fact, Gucci's striped strap has been around since the 1950s, so these sneakers aren't an elegant flash in the pan, which is a good job because they aren't cheap.

While they may be overly showy for some, the minimalist profile of the sneaker means that they will look great with stylish pants, jeans and sweatpants and add a little glamor to your go-to. Inspired by tennis, you won't want to wear them to the gym, but they're made in Italy from smooth leather with water snake heel tabs and flexible rubber soles, so they're designed for comfort as well as for the look.


Wearing blue and white is always a good look in summer. But if the navy is a little too nautical, why not consider switching to cobalt? Adidas Originals 'Trimm-Trab' sneakers are a 1977 style reissue and are available in vibrant cobalt blue which, while eye-catching (and great for enhancing your tan) is surprisingly easy to wear .

When it was first released, the style was favored for training purposes, but it quickly gained popularity on the street - and it's still cool today. These have a blue suede top, textured tabs, D-eyelets and the label's signature stripe trio - that's a lot of detail.


While you can count on the Nike Reacts to find all the right marks for comfort, price, and design, it's important to show the elephant in the room first. It is obvious to most people that this silhouette is a reaction to the popularity of runnings like the Adidas Boost models, with which the Nike Vapormax has hardly rivaled. So unless you're a sneaker with great brand loyalty, let's get to the details now.

The React sole is a strong competitor in terms of comfort. If you intend to run with these. They will also reach the mark in terms of performance. The tone-on-tone gray color is reliable enough and versatile enough to coordinate with just about anything in your wardrobe, including casual and elegant outfits.


No matter how deep your casual sneaker collection is, it's not complete without a pair of Chucks. Although you may already have several pairs in your rotation, it's still worth looking for a versatile color that stands out when you opt for a silhouette that has been around for decades.

This is exactly what this pair of Chuck Taylor does. Made from a lightweight canvas and an instantly recognizable white midsole, the highlight here is undoubtedly the color of the sole. The taupe upper is neutral enough to go with almost anything and has a cool contrast to the black laces that run to the ankle. Better yet, they will go as easily with chinos as with jeans.


If you live in Converse, good news. There is an updated version of the original 'All Star' model that taps into one of the hottest trends of the summer - the surf look. The Converse 'Chuck 70 OX' sneakers are the short board. They have woven black and white tops that create a two-tone graphic pattern and transparent rubber soles, making them very different from the others you probably own.

If you are a fan of the Converse, you will appreciate the padded ortholithic soles that pay tribute to archival styles and, if not, be reassured, this will make them comfortable hitting the sidewalks on vacation, or for a trip to the beach. They're not super cheap, but would make a cool and quirky addition to a collection of plimsolls.


Off-White has a reputation for having bold designs that incorporate out-of-date details and a bold, even wacky, use of color. This is what made the brand famous, but it is also a reason to look elsewhere when it comes to choosing practical clothing. This is not the case with these sneakers, however.

Made in nubuck and suede, the brand logo is printed on the top. The shades of black and gray blend harmoniously to create a discreet look that will offer many assortment options, whether for work or for your meetings.


You can never miss a classic like Nike Air Max 95. Although it does not have the luster of the Air Max 97, this silhouette still has a cult clientele. Although it is more functional than aesthetic, this coarse color adapts perfectly to everyday use.

Made from faux tone-on-tone gray suede panels on top, and paired with white and black mesh, it's definitely a sneaker you could wear on the runway just like you would for a street-style photo shoot . And while the midsole doesn't have the beauty of the new Vapormax silhouettes, there is something refreshing about a sneaker that's not elegant.


These Y-3 low-tops are another example of the fusion of sportswear and fashion that has made the brand famous. The paneled neoprene upper is combined with a mesh for a design that is both soft and textured. The laces are fixed by a grosgrain piping along the upper which is completed by an off-white suede trim.

In addition to the many other details that highlight the silhouette of the Kusari, the Boost midsole. Not only will it be a comfort cushion for your feet, but also a mark of your taste for streetwear and the often-debated marriage of high-low in contemporary fashion.


These RVX ULTRA Sneakers from REVENGEX impose a unique style, optimal comfort and a modest price. To believe the streetwear universe one could believe that this pair brings together all the qualities!

Inspired by Japanese culture and style, these sneakers were created by a team of French designers following a trip to Tokyo! We can clearly say that the trip inspired them in view of the masterpiece!