Juice Wrld was an American rapper whose real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins. He was born on December 2, 1998 in Chicago. Besides being a talented rapper, he was also a composer. Many people know him for his title "Lucid Dreams" which allowed him a real take-off in his career to work with large production companies


Very early in his childhood his father left, he then left his mother alone to raise him with his brother, he was only 3 years old when this happened. His mother having strong beliefs and therefore being religious and conservative did not allow Jarad to listen to Hip-Hop music. He discovered the world of music through video games like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, a game very famous in the world of streetwear which also marked our childhood.

Given his rather difficult childhood and adolescence Jared Higgins, he started using drugs and drinking alcohol very early. He even had to stop afterwards because of health problems, a good lesson in life.

He started playing music at the age of 4 after seeing his mother play herself. He started piano, then drums and guitar, and quickly fell in love with music and started taking it more seriously! It was in high school that he started to publish sounds on soundcloud in order to make himself known!


Juice Wrld has developed fairly quickly as an artist! From his start in high school, he released his first title under the name "Forever" in 2015, at the beginning his artist name was "JuiceTheKidd".

He particularly admires Tupac for his music and his films, especially for his role in the film "Juice", it is from here where his artist name will come from!

In 2017 the artist started to gain recognition from great artists like Southside and other Chicago rappers. He therefore succeeded by his knowledge to sign with "Grade A Productions"


It is in May 2018 that "Lucid Dreams" officially comes out as a single, a clip will also be released with, here it is:

This title very quickly had a great success and reached the second place of the classification "Billboard Hot 100" during the year 2018 this music will become one of the biggest title in streaming! Juice Wrld then released their first studio album titled "Goodbye & Good Riddance" in late 2018.

"Lucid Dreams" lasts four minutes. The song is structured around a sample of the 1993 Sting song "Shape of My Heart". There is a rumor that Sting filed a complaint against Higgins for using this sample without his permission.

In October 2019, members of the YellowCard group sued Juice claiming that his music was a copy of the title "Shape Of My Heart" the group is asking for $ 15 million.

After the recent death of Juice Wrld in December 2019, the group still pursues the complaint by expressing their sympathy for the deceased artist, no one yet knows the amount, but you can be sure that it will be in millions.


Even if the artist died recently, we can remember him as a pillar for the world of streetwear, he is one of the people who helped our movement to develop with his always casual outfits.

He was also quite a fan of sneakers and always had unique pairs, whether off-white nike or even adidas.

It's the whole hip-hop movement and great rappers like him who have made streetwear so developed today. Thanks to people like Juice Wrld or XXXTentacion that we share with you today our passion!


When Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known as rapper Juice WRLD, died at the age of 21 on December 8, 2019.

It is a great loss for everyone because Jarad Higgins was an artist with a unique style and he is an artist that we would all have liked to see evolve in the world of music with ever more innovative titles!

Despite his death, one could suspect a premature departure, because he expressed in his songs an unstable health and a life that was bathed in drugs and alcohol. This is also explained because it started very early and the world of music is very rough and demanding!

Like many rappers, his addictions lead him to a fairly certain young end and he himself knew it, that is perhaps why his music is very emotional and that we are easily carried away by the vibes!

In the sound "Legends" he says himself "we ain’t making it past 21". He then expresses through poignant words that he will not exceed the age of 21 years.