I, Yukio
For the last decade, Yukio has established himself as a designer that blends antonymous ideas to alter perceptions of the expected. Using minimalist and maximalist concepts inspired by the 90's counterculture movements, Yukio's work is considered as a reference on today's Japanese streetwear scene.

Us, Yukio Hishika label streetwear
Yukio Hishika launched his eponymous label with the goal to build a genuine connection with those interested in the street aesthetic and what it stands for. Here, we combine what we love in Asian streetwear and Western Style to cultivate a sense of fashion, that creates a unique style by bringing together contemporary streetwear with a touch of luxury.

Them, the one in needs
Highly aware to the fact that developed countries have a excessive amount of clothing to wear, whilst there are still millions of people around the world that go without clothing everyday, Yukio wants to build a responsibly conscious brand. At Yukio Hishika we believe that there’s always more we can do to change our world for the better - and with your help, we can. We in partnership with STREET CHILD UNIT, commit to donating clothes to a child in need for every purchase you make! More than being sustainable, our vision is to give back more than we take.

Check out our unique designs today, and together we’ll change lives!